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7 Fun Things To Do in Bangkok At Night

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Bangkok is a vibrant destination for nightlife and as a city that never sleeps, there is something buzzing at every corner. No matter what time it is.

The city is also a completely different creature from day to night.

As the sun goes down, the pulsating lights and pumping sound come out.

And there is always something to do at night in Bangkok, even outside of parties.

Instead of sharing the same old night activities, we have added a twist so you can have some of the most fun and unforgettable nights in Bangkok.

Drink A Bucket At Khaosan

two cute Thai girls drinking buckets of booze at Sup Dude bar in Khaosan road in Bangkok

People either love it or hate it but drinking a bucket at Khaosan is one of the most famous things to do in Bangkok at night.

Ask anyone and they will tell you that all the legendary (or in some cases, regretful) nights have started with drinking a bucket or two.

The famous Thai buckets of booze are strong and come in all sorts of flavors.

You can order anything from popular cocktails to straightforward spirits and mixers.

If you want to do it like the locals, choose a local rum known as Sangsom mixed with a combination of soda, coke, or red bull.

If you are in the mood for something specific to your taste, you can always ask them to make you anything you want.

Think buckets of margaritas, mojitos, long island, or just about anything.

white guy holding a sign that say bucket buy 1 get 1 free in Khaosan road in Bangkok in Thailand

Some bars even have amazing buy 1 get 1 promotions on buckets.

That is a great offer but be careful and drink responsibly.

Order Shots At Local Bars

Thai bar girl holding a whisky shot and money

Drinking in Thailand can be very cheap, especially at local bars.

You can get local liquor such as Yadong in the form of shots for as low as 30 THB right in downtown Bangkok.

For those who won’t know, Yadong is a highly potent Thai liquor made by fermenting rice and traditional herbs.

It definitely has a kick to it.

Alternatively, you can go for more creative and fancy shots that can be found at cool bars in Bangkok as well.

shots and flares at flamenco bar in Bangkok

Some are extremely strong (absinthe) while others are sweeter (blowjob) to kick off the night.

Then there are popular ones like B-52, Fireball, and Jager bomb that are just fun to do.

If you want to take it to the next level, you can even drink shots off a Thai girl in private at gentlemen’s clubs or other special bars.


Go Watch A Live Band

live band playing in front a huge crowd at brick bar at Khaosan road in Bangkok

The live music scene in Bangkok is huge, vibrant, and covers a broad spectrum of styles and genres.

It always has been, but unfortunately, foreigners often miss out on it.

Going to a live music venue is an entirely different vibe and experience than going to just any bar or club with a DJ.

With live music, you get a more authentic and raw atmosphere than the ones without.

Luckily, there are a ton of great live music bars and clubs in Bangkok for those who love acoustic sounds and soulful voices.

Some are local joints with a traditional Thai vibe while others have a more international and luxurious ambiance.

No matter the genre you are into, whether it is rock, jazz, indie, Thai music, or pop covers, there is definitely a live music venue that suits your style here in the city.

Get Spanked At A Gogo Bar

gogo girl getting spanked spanky's gogo bar in Nana plaza

Yes, it is not just the girls who get spanked at gogo bars around Bangkok.

You can too if that is your thing.

For that, you can go to the world-famous Spanky’s Bar in Nana Plaza.

Here both the girls and visitors get constantly spanked to entertain the rest of the bar.

You can also do it in BDSM clubs or massage parlors such as at Barbar Fetish Club, Demonia Fetish, and ThaiDomina.

Thai girls with masquerade mask and whip at bdsm club in Bangkok

There you can get much more than being spanked.

Oh yes, baby. Daddy likes it, doesn’t he?

But, if you want to be more secretive and want to be spanked around in private, that can be done as well.

Sing With Hot Thai Girls

sexy female singers live at The PIMP Bangkok

Karaoke might not sound like the best thing to do at night while you are in Bangkok but what if you could do it while surrounded by a bunch of hot Thai girls?

Does that sound like something you might want to do? We bet you do.

There are plenty of private KTV or gentlemen’s clubs where you can do just that.

While these establishments are equipped with the latest lights, sound, and entertainment technology, what really sets them apart is the number of incredibly gorgeous Thai models that work there.

Thai girls singing in a KTV room at The PIMP Bangkok

The way it works is that you book a private room, order drinks, and finally select a number of girls to hang out, dance, and sing with you.

What more you can do with the girls depends on you, your wallet, and the girls themselves.

It’s certainly a unique and fun thing to do in Bangkok at night for bachelors.


Get VIP Treatment At A Top Nightclub

VIP champagne service at Insanity Nightclub in Bangkok

When it comes to nightlife in Bangkok, you can’t miss out on the sheer variety of nightclubs.

They come in all styles, shapes, and sizes.

Some of them are world-class in design, service, entertainment systems, and atmosphere.

It is no wonder why Bangkok is a premier clubbing destination in Asia.

Whether you are looking for an EDM mega club (Spaceplus), a hip hop joint (Sugar Club Bangkok), or an after-hour underground techno music hangout (Mustache), Bangkok has it all.

Best of all, no matter where you go, you can expect to get excellent VIP treatment.

That is if you have the connections or the money.

They are great places to go if you want to show off to your friends or girls.

If you are looking to visit somewhere that is more private and a place where everything is possible, we definitely recommend going to The PIMP.

hot Thai girls in sexy outfit in a private room at the PIMP Bangkok

It is Bangkok’s top luxury gentlemen’s club and entertainment hub with top-quality VIP services, great live music, and even erotic shows.

For the best experience, let us book a private party at any of the nightclubs or g-clubs in Bangkok.

Fill In Your Hotel Room With Sexy Models

Party in Bangkok with Thai models

Bangkok is also a great place for private parties thanks to so many options of luxury hotels and penthouse suites.

It is the best way to have an epic night while in the comfort of your space with the friends who are closest to you.

Now add hot girls in bikinis giving you lap dances and erotic shows to the mix.

You just went from memorable to legendary.

As we have partnered with the best model agencies in Thailand it is also incredibly easy for us to hire sexy Thai models if you are looking to have a private sexy party for any occasion.

Thai girls ready for a private party in a room of a G Club in Bangkok

So now you can even turn your fantasy into reality.

With so many options for a night out in a city that never sleeps, you are surely going to need some help planning for the perfect occasion.

We can make it happen.  

Contact us to help plan your party in Bangkok.

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