About Party Bangkok

Although the owners of “Party Bangkok” have been throwing Thailand bachelor parties for the last 5 years, “Party Bangkok.com” officially opened its doors in 2013. Upon opening in 2013, our business has boomed solely by referrals and “word of mouth” making us the leader of VIP parties in Thailand…especially Bangkok.  “Party Bangkok.com” has been featured on top Thailand websites like StickmanBangkok.com, LivingThai.com, GodsofThailand.com, and many more. We have an international staff from Thailand, England, America, Sweden, France, and Russia who are available to help you create the VIP party of your dreams in your native language. The owners of “Party Bangkok.com” grew up in Thailand and have created connections within Bangkok that have taken years to build. And when it comes to Thailand, having someone on the inside is VITAL to guarantee an experience that is not only amazing but also safe. We specialize in Bachelor, VIP, Corporate, Luxury Villa, and Private Penthouse Parties.