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Drink Body Shots in Bangkok

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Make your private party more exciting with body shots!

Drink shots of alcohol off the body of the hottest Thai models in Bangkok.

We put together wild body shots that only we have the secret of.

Of course, you can choose the model and the alcohol.

Tell us when and where you want to do a body shot in Bangkok and we’ll organize it for you.

We’ll even take care of the games and add special surprises to make it one to remember.

Send us a message today to book your body shot in Bangkok.

tequila shots with lime and salt
girl about to drink a boob luge

What Is A Body Shot?

If you’re not familiar with body shots yet, let’s first explain what a body shot is.

A body shot is when you drink alcohol from a person’s body.

It can be either from a shot glass placed on the body, or you suck or lick the alcohol directly from the body.

What you need for a body shot is:

  • A sexy model
  • Shot glasses
  • Alcohol (tequila, whiskey, rum…)
  • Lime and salt (optional, but more fun)

A body shot can be done from between the breasts (boob shot and boob luge), in the belly button (belly shot), or between the legs.

Then you can add items to make it more interesting.

Add tubes to place alcohol in more spots, whipped cream for games, candies to put on the body to eat between shots, and more.

And these are just a few examples. There are many other ways to do body shots if you get creative.

But the easiest way to do all the above and more is to book a body shot show with us.

We have a whole routine to make your private body shot unforgettable.

How Does It Work?

Location: in your hotel suite, villa, condo, or at one of our partners’ location

Duration: approximately 1 hour.

Here’s how it usually go down:

body shot off a girl lying down on a bar
pimp girl drinking from the jug

How To Book A Body Shot In Bangkok?

Send us a message now with all the details about your event. Choose on which day and at what time you want to have the body shot.

Tell us if you want a male or female model and what alcohol you want to drink (tequila, vodka, rum, …).

We discuss together the types of body shots you want, any special request you might have, and you pick the model.

Our team shows up with everything needed for a crazy body shot, including games and props.

Send us a message now for availability and prices.

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Different Types Of Body Shots And Games

What exactly do you get when you book a body shot with us?

Everything! Meaning we have everything prepared for you.

We come with the model (a hot Thai girl or guy), alcohol for everyone, shot glasses and everything we need to play games. And even a few special surprises.

As for the types of body shots we’ll do, you can tell us if there’s any type you want.

The usual body shot with tequila, lime and salt.

Maybe belly shots, boob shots, or a sexy boob luge.

If you don’t have a preference, we’ll do it all!

polaroid of a boob luge with beer
closeup of a pimp girl with generous boobs

The Hottest Body Shots in Thailand

If you’ve never done a body shot before, Bangkok is the best place to start.

We have the hottest models, and they have tons of experience with these types of shows.

They have the set of skills needed to guarantee everyone has a good time.

We work with the best clubs in the city and have hundreds of hot young Thai girls available all year round.

Whether it’s for a private party in a hotel suite with body shots or a week-long trip with your friends.

There are many reasons people from all over the world turn to us to organize their bachelor party in Bangkok and sexy private parties.

Body shots and our sexy models are two of them.


The price for a private body shot in Bangkok starts at 12,000 THB, including 1 Thai model and 1 bottle of premium alcohol.

The PIMP Bangkok is the only club in Bangkok where you can do body shots with the models, but for that you need to book a private room. Contact us for more information.

What else do you need for your party in Bangkok?

We have everything you need to have an incredible experience in the city of angels.

Special shows like this one, all-inclusive packages for private parties, VIP services, deals with the best party-friendly accommodations in town, and much more.

Contact us today to discuss your party options with our team.

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