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What Are The Best Gentlemen Clubs in Bangkok For A VIP Party?

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If you want to party with hot Thai models and enjoy the best and nothing but the best, Bangkok gentlemen clubs are here for you.

For a bachelor party, a business meeting, a birthday… every excuse is good to celebrate any occasion in style with the most beautiful girls in the city.

So if you want to spend the night surrounded by Thailand hottest models, here are the best gentlemen clubs in Bangkok where you should go splash your money.

What is The Best Gentlemen Club in Bangkok?

The PIMP Bangkok

Topless Thai girls with gliter at the PIMP gentlemen club in Bangkok

The best, hands down.

Over 200 of the hottest Thai models, premium brands, private rooms, themed nights, sexy shows and performers….

The Pimp Bangkok is by far the most notorious gentlemen club in Bangkok, and it does live up to its reputation.

With plenty of girls to choose from and different types of private rooms that can accommodate from 4 to 30 pax, they have everything you need for a wild party with the boys.

That’s the Gentlemen Club we recommend!

Krystal Exclusive Club

Krystal Club at Thonglor 25 in Bangkok

The most popular gentlemen club in Sukhumvit area.

Even though it only opened a couple of years ago, it quickly built a strong selection of girls and its design and quality entertainment have done the rest.

A great option too.

Emerald Thonglor13

Emerald business lounge in Thonglor soi 13 in Bangkok

A few streets from Krystal, Emerald new location is taking the word luxury to another level.

It has everything it takes to become one of the best club in Bangkok, including a large selection of sexy Thai girls.

Booze Club

sexy Thai dancers at Booze International Club

Booze is claiming to be for “Elite Customers” and aims at offering the best party experience you can get in Bangkok.

With over 100 girls, stage shows with an impressive light and sound system, karaoke rooms, and high-end service, it’s without a doubt one of the best adult entertainment venue in Bangkok.

Their private rooms are simply beautiful, perfect for a night with the boys and sexy companions.

Czech Club

Thai girls dancing on stage at Czech Club in Ekamai Bangkok

The Czech Club is the wildest gentlemen club in Ekkamai.

Tons of great events shows and live band performances, but most importantly, some of the most incredible girls you’ll find in Bangkok.

Czech Club is a night club, restaurant, and wine bar with 16 private rooms that will make you come back for more.

Sherbet Club Ekamai

Sherbet Club Bangkok in Ekamai

Another popular gentlemen club in Bangkok but way more discreet.

It doesn’t have a bold communication like other clubs on the list, but it’s still a great option.

Expect live performances, DJs, fine dining, pool tables, private karaoke rooms, and hot hostesses.

Exotica Exclusive Club

Party Room at Exotica Club Bangkok in Thonglor

Party with 50+ girls every night in Thonglor.

This erotic club is one of the smallest on this list, but it packs many exciting options.

Even if it’s relatively small, it still has private rooms, a swimming pool on its rooftop, and sexy shows every night of the week.

The place is fantastic, and the clientele is mostly Thai, Japanese, and Korean.

Get there early or book in advance to be guaranteed to have a table or private room.

Dubai Luxury Club

Gorgeous oriental dancers at Dubai Luxury Club in Bangkok

Inspired by the beautiful palaces and the culture of the middle east, Dubai Luxury Club brings a different theme to the exclusive club scene in Bangkok.

And the club has everything you expect from this type of high end venue.

Dubai Luxury Club has awesome live music and performances, beautiful dancers, great service, nicely designed VIP rooms, and most importantly, a great selection of about 100 hot Thai girls every night of the week.

The Play

Thai girls on stage at The Play gentlemen club in Bangkok

RCA now has its own gentlemen club with live bands, sexy shows, private karaoke rooms, and of course, more gorgeous Thai Girls than you can handle (or afford).

Pegasus Club

Thai models with masquerade masks at Pegasus gentlemen club in Bangkok

Probably the most exclusive gentlemen club in Bangkok and by far the most posh.

Expect high-quality models, live shows, and performances, along with fancy private karaoke rooms if you want to party with sexy girls and nobody else watching.

M Club (Monte Carlo)

Inside M Club Bangkok Gentlemen Club

Arguably, “♠️♥️ The Biggest & Sexiest club in Bangkok ♥️♠️”

Hard to say as only a few made their way that far up north in Bangkok to see this gentlemen club.

Aladdin Gentlemen Club

Aladdin Bangkok g club

As Monte Carlo, Aladdin Gentleman Club got some really good arguments and charming girls on their Facebook page.

But you need to feel adventurous to go that far for a drink with some beautiful girls after you’ve seen all the options above.

Tip for Gentlemen Clubs in Bangkok

Never been to a G Club in Bangkok before?

In that case, let us take you through a few things you absolutely need to know :

  1. Book in advance. It’s not mandatory but highly recommended if you want a large private room or a VIP table in front of the stage.
  2. Arrive early. There are often 100+ girls in most clubs, but it’s first come first serve. The earlier you arrive, the more attractive options you have.
  3. Ask the mamasan for recommendations. Pretty doesn’t always mean funny and friendly. Tell the mamasan what you like in girls and let her recommend the models that match what you’re looking for. She knows them better than you do.
  4. Bring more money than you think. As confident as we are that you’re gonna have the time of your life, we also know it’s gonna cost you more than you think. When you get half-naked girls on your lap, and you drunk a bottle of whisky already, you’re probably gonna be down for any extra (shots, food, girls…) that the girls recommend. And that’s gonna cost you.
  5. Don’t expect to get laid. Or be ready to break the bank for it. First, not all girls are open to more than just drinking and flirting with you. Two, it’s gonna be really expensive. Not the price you will pay for a freelancer or a girl in a gogo bar.
  6. Don’t keep your hands in your pockets. Gentlemen clubs are not strip clubs, no pole dance or naked shows, but the girls come to your table to party and drink with you. And you’re allowed to touch.
Thai girl doing a V sign at PIMP Bangkok

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What is a gentlemen club?

A gentlemen club is a high-end private club reserved for men where they can enjoy female company. It’s not a brothel but more like a high-end strip club or gogo bar with private rooms for those who want to party with hot girls with nobody else around.

How much is the entrance fee at a gentlemen club in Bangkok?

The entrance fee vary from one g club to another. Most gentlemen clubs in Bangkok have a membership fee instead of an entrance fee. In other words, you need to buy a package that includes a few bottles to have the right to enter. In most gentlemen clubs, only one person of the group need to have a membership for all the group to get in.

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