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Party With The Hottest Bikini Models

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Want to organize a private bikini party? Treat your friends with a crazy pool party filled with gorgeous babes in swimsuits?

Or maybe you need to have the sexiest Thai bikini hostesses for your event?

No matter what the occasion is, we have the hottest bikini models, not only in Bangkok, but from all over Thailand, to join you and your friends for an unforgettable party.

Contact us today to find the best bikini models for hire.

PIMP girl in bikini on a floatable
Zania Hot Bikini Girl at Pimp

What Are Bikini Models?

Bikini models are young, attractive girls in bikinis or swimsuits who are usually hired for private parties, photo shoots, promotional activities and events.

Bikini models are chosen not only for their beauty, but also for their ability to entertain guests and market products, brands and companies.

Don’t stop at their fantastic bikini bod, it’s the whole package that will make your event even better, no matter what it is you have planned.

Why Hire Bikini Models?

For A Private Party

You can’t organize a pool party, a beach party or a boat party in Thailand without bringing bikini models.

They come to entertain your friends and guests, play, drink and dance with them and make the party a unique experience

For An Event

Add a sexy touch to all your events.

Whether you’re hosting a corporate event on the beach or bringing your team for an incentive trip to Bangkok, our pretty bikini models will be the highlight of your event and make sure all your guests will be talking about it for a long time.

To Promote Your Brand

Hire bikini models for your show, product launch or to promote your products.

They can help you sell bikinis, promote your beach bar, or grab the attention of visitors to a boat show.

They’re perfect for getting a lifestyle brand message across or selling bikinis. They help you get more attention, more leads and therefore, more sales.

Thai rapper with Playboy girls in bikini at a beach club in Pattaya
hot Thai bikini model Kwang Juraiwan on a yacht cruise

The Best Bikini Models For Your Event

We have been working with the hottest Thai models and the best model agencies in the country for over a decade so we know where to find the most attractive bikini models too.

No matter how you like the girls, skinny, with big ass, big boobs, light or dark skin, we have hundreds of beautiful models to choose from and guarantee that we’ll find the hottest girls for your event.

Way More Than Pretty Women in Swimsuits

When you hire bikini models from us, you get more than just young girls with a great bikini bod.

We only choose girls who are naturally hot, but who also like to party, have fun, speak good English and know how to entertain guests.

You can hire sexy bikini models to promote your event, but also to play drinking games with your friends, serve drinks to your clients, or greet and entertain guests at an event.

Consider our bikini models to add a sexy touch to promote your brand, event, or product.

bikini models at a pool party in Bangkok

How to Hire Bikini Models ?

Call or email us with all the details we need to know about your party. Where and when it’ll take place, how many people will attend and, of course, how many bikini models you’d like to have.

And if you need anything else for your party or stay in Bangkok, don’t forget to mention it as well and we’ll be happy to help for that too.

Once we know the details of your event, we’ll check the bikini models available and send you a selection to choose from.

You confirm the bikini models you want for your event. Once the booking is complete, you can focus on your event and your friends. We’ll take care of the rest.

Contact us today to get a FREE quote.

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Meet Our Thai Bikini Babes

We’ve spent years building the best selection of attractive bikini models for all types of events, from bachelor parties to corporate events.

We even have beautiful bikini models from all over Asia, mainly from the beautiful land of smiles, of course, but also from China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and other countries.

Contact us today to hire bikini models and plan your private party in Bangkok or elsewhere in Thailand. Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui, Hua Hin. We have beautiful bikini models all over the country!

Leave the planning of your party to us and focus on what matters most, have an extraordinary time in Thailand.

Plan Your Bikini Party Today

You can find all the bikini models working with us at The PIMP Bangkok, which isn’t only the best gentleman club in Bangkok, but also the best bikini models club in the city.

If you want to host a bikini party in Bangkok, any day of the week, 365 days a year, send us a message and we’ll book their private pool for you.

It’s the best option for a private pool party in Thailand because they take care of everything.

The bikini models, of course, but they also have all the extra services you could want (DJ, private sexy shows, food, drinks, artists, MC and more).

Their private pool area is suitable for anything, from a small bachelor party with a few friends to a large corporate event for 100+ people.

Send us a message today for more information and bookings.

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hot Thai bikini models playing with foam at Bangkok top pool club


You should book bikini models at least a few days, if possible, even a few weeks in advance. Especially if you’re planning a party on a weekend. 2 to 4 weeks in advance is perfect.

You can book as many bikini models as you want. We work with hundreds of girls in Bangkok and Thailand, so we can guarantee you the quantity and quality.

You have other questions? You want more information?

Contact us today.

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Thailand Top 10 Bikini Models

pretty Thai bikini model Skykikijung

The Number One Pretty 2015 in Thailand is now the most popular bikini model in the country. It’s easy to understand why when you see her outrageous looks and bold attitude.

She’s also built an impressive following of millions of fans on social media in just a few years.

1.5m followers. Follow Skykikijung​ on Instagram for more.

Thai bikini model Feary Thanyarat
Feary Thanyarat

Undoubtedly the cutest bikini model in Thailand. With her perfect bikini bod, Feary Thanyarat quickly became one of the top Thai models on Instagram and a popular brand ambassador for numerous brands, including a few bikini ones.

1.5m followers. Follow Feary Thanyarat on Instagram for more.

Thai bikini model Mind Napasasi
Mind Napasat S

DJ , actress and influencer Mind Napasasi is also one of the top bikini models in Thailand. With her stunning body, smooth Korean face, and a bright smile, she’s one of the most desirable women out there. Especially when she puts on a skimpy bikini for the camera.

1.3m followers. Follow Mind Napasat S on Instagram for more.

gorgeous Thai bikini model Mook Pichana Yoosuk in Louis Vuitton
Mook Pichana Yoosuk

With her generous curves and slim hips, the young fitness addict looks incredible posing in a bikini. Mook isn’t only a model, but also an actress.

A smart and sexy Thai woman who’ll surely be the highlight of your event.

1.2m followers. Follow Mook Pichana Yoosuk on Instagram for more.

Thai bikini model Ployly Yada with flippers
Ployly Yada

Here’s another Thai net idol known for her sensual bikini photos. Ployly makes any swimsuit look good with her pretty face and pearly skin.

She already works for many lifestyle brands, including luxury pool villas in Pattaya and private yacht rentals in Bangkok.

848k followers. Follow Ployly Yada on Instagram for more.

Thai bikini model Mookki Princess with a red swimsuits
Mooki Princess

Ex-Playmate of August 2019 for Playboy Thailand, Tidaporn Sangiamfak, better known as Mookki Princess, is now a top bikini model.

With her voluptuous body and sassy attitude, it’s no wonder she’s so popular.

431k followers. Follow Mooki Princess on Instagram for more.

sexy inked Thai bikini model Khun Keekie
Khun Keekie

Penthouse Thailand Model of the Year 2018, Khun Keekie constantly breaks the internet with her hot bikini photos. And that’s nothing compared to her erotic content.

She’ll do wonders at your private pool party.

259k followers. Follow Khun Keekie on Instagram for more.

beautiful Thai bikini model Doungporn Sealeang Pongpan smiling
Doungporn Sealeang Pongpan

Posing in a bikini on yachts, in luxury hotels and in swimming pools all over the country Doungporn Sealeang built up a huge fan base that can’t get enough of her content.

A girl who knows how to glamorize everything she touches.

59k followers. Follow Doungporn Sealeang Pongpan on Instagram for more.

hot Thai bikini model Sumitra Sarakorn
Sumitra Sarakorn

Sumitra is such a hot bikini model that her Instagram account got suspended at 300K followers because of her sexy photos.

But with such a revealing body and a naughty attitude, she’s the best model for your next bikini party. The type that will get your friend begging for more.

54k followers. Follow Sumitra Sarakorn on Instagram for more.

skinny Thai bikini model Berryying in black swimsuit

Berry Ying is another popular net idol who became one of the most beautiful Thai bikini models. The young mother, known for her lifestyle content, picture perfect body and dancing videos with her daughter on Tik Tok, is the ideal ambassador for any lifestyle brand who need pretty women in swimsuits.

1.3 million followers. Follow Berryying on Instagram for more.

Now that the bikini models are sorted, what else do you need for your party?

We have beautiful Thai models for every occasion.

From lingerie models for sexy parties, to elegant hostesses for corporate events.

And don’t forget to check our list of services to start planning your party in Bangkok today.

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