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Host A Private Party In A Hotel Suite In Bangkok

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Bangkok has some of the best hotel suites you can find in Thailand and even in the world.

Some are so big, you could easily fit 100 people!

You know what it means?

They’re perfect for organizing a private party!

Party Bangkok helps you find the best party-friendly suites in Bangkok and arrange everything you need for the party.

extreme wow suite at W Hotel in Bangkok
hot tub ambassador suite at davis hotel Bangkok

What We can Arrange

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How to Book ?

Give us every detail about the hotel suite party you want. The dates, the number of people, the occasion, the budget, etc.

If you haven’t booked your hotel suite yet, let us help you find the perfect one for your stay and your party.

We work together on the details (services, location, time…).

Confirm your booking and get ready for a wild hotel suite party.

That’s it. Organizing a party in your hotel suite is super simple.

And remember, nothing is too crazy or too wild for Bangkok.

Whether we’re talking about a bachelor party for 20 people or a small birthday for 6 people, we have what it takes to make it unforgettable.

Send us a message today to talk about the options.

Thai Models in Bride Cosplay
Booking or Inquiry

Party tip: for large groups, you will have better deals booking directly with the hotel instead of going through or Agoda.

Start Planning Your Hotel Suite Party Today

First, you need the right suite. You want a suite in a party-friendly hotel of course.

You want a hotel close to Bangkok’s best nightlife areas and within walking distance or a short drive from the best clubs in the city.

Then you want to ask the hotel what they think about your plan (don’t get too much into details but let them know you plan to have a few friends over).

If you have all the green lights, book the suite before someone else does.

When you’ve secured the hotel suite, check with the hotel what they can organize (food, drinks, decoration…).

Everything they can’t handle, like sexy shows and hot Thai girls, leave it to us.

All we need is a list of what you want and at least a week’s notice (a month notice is perfect).

With that, we arrange everything for your party.

Thai guy wearing huge boxing gloves in wow extreme suite at W hotel Bangkok
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Of course! We have a selection of party-friendly suites in Bangkok. If you don’t find what you like, send us a message with all the details about your event (number of people, dates, budget…), and we help you find the right hotel suite for your party.
Excluding the hotel suite’s cost, a private party in a hotel suite costs on average ฿5,000 per person for a group of 10 people, for a few party models, sexy shows, and premium drinks.

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