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Sing Sing Theater is Bangkok Most Unique Club

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If we had to do a top 10 clubs in Bangkok, Sing Sing Theater would definitely be up there.


Because when you enter this club, you’re entering a new world.

Its unique design and atmosphere are enough to convince anyone to visit it at least once.

But there’s more than that. The club really lives up to the hype with its trendy crowd, great lineup of DJs, and special events that push the limits of how we define entertainments.

What You Need to Know

incredible stairs of Sing Sing Theater nightclub in Bangkok

First, Sing Sing’s design is out of this world. It’s not a club like any other you’ve ever been to before.

The decoration, the dancers, the lightning… everything is well thought, and it’s a refreshing approach to clubbing in a world where clubs tend to look all the same.

The club was designed by Ashley Sutton, the creative mind behind Iron Balls distillery in Ekamai, Maggie Choo’s in Silom, and other uniquely designed locations throughout Asia.

He’s got a touch that brings fantasy to everything he touches and will make you forget you’re in Bangkok.

Then you’ve got the beautiful crowd. Sing Sing Bangkok attracts expats, tourists, and locals, but mostly classy and wealthy people.

crazy party at sing sing theater club in Bangkok

Finally, its music and events. You got to love their unique lineup of artists, with all sorts of music, from house to nu-disco as well as hip hop and EDM.

As for their events, they always push the limits of what’s possible in terms of decoration, atmosphere, and performers.

If you haven’t been to one of their exceptional events, make sure you keep an eye on their calendar so you don’t miss the next one.

As for the regular events, you have hip hop by Bangkok Invaders on Tuesdays, ladies night on Thursday, and often international DJs on Wednesdays.

The Secret Room

private room of sing sing theater in Bangkok

Did you know that Sing Sing Theater had the 3rd floor with a secret room that oversees the rest of the club?

Neither did we until today.

And you know what’s cool? This private room can be booked for exclusive parties and events.

In other words, you can have your own private party with complete privacy and enjoy the atmosphere and the energy of one of the best clubs in Bangkok, with nobody seeing you!

Let us tell you more about this place.

First, you need to make your way through a secret entrance that only you and the staff have access to.

After making your way up to the third floor, you find a hidden room with everything you would have in the rest of the club, but only for you and your friends.

private bar in the secret room of Sing Sing Theater club in Bangkok

You have your own bar that comes with your own bartender and waitress, your own toilets, and even your own private smoking room where you can enjoy a nice cigar paired with aged rum.

But the best part of that exclusive area is the small balcony from which you can see the rest of the club, without being seen.

Regarding the capacity, the secret room can hold up to 20 people.

Perfect for a special event with your friends or business partners.

Prices and Bookings

Even though the entrance is free, you’re gonna have to spend at least ฿3,700++ for a bottle and ฿200++ for a drink.

Keep in mind that all their prices are subject to a 10% service charge + 7% VAT (hence the ++).

Don’t forget it when you’re about to buy a bottle, or you might be surprised when the bill arrives.

Here’s Sing Sing’s menu.

Also note there is a really limited number of tables at Sing Sing, especially for large groups, so it’s always better to book in advance.

No deposit is required, but you will have to show up before midnight, or they’ll give your table away.

You can check our website for more details about VIP tables bookings or send us a message.

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dancer over the stage at sing sing theater

About Sing Sing Bangkok

Follow Sing Sing on Facebook and Instagram to see their upcoming events and latest promotions.


What is the entrance fee at Sing Sing Theater?

There’s no entrance fee at Sing Sing except on nights when they bring international DJs.

What is the dress code at Sing Sing Theater?

You can’t wear flip flops, shorts, tank tops or open shoes at Sing Sing. They’re pretty strict on the dress code at the entrance.

How much cost Sing Sing Theater?

Prices at Sing Sing Theater start at ฿250++ for a standard drink, ฿200++ for a beer, and ฿3,700++ for a bottle (++ mean that prices are subject to 10% service charge and 7% VAT).

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