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What’s the Best Place to Go Out in Bangkok in 2021?

We’ve been organizing parties in Bangkok for over 10 years now, so naturally, we get asked all the time what the best place to party in Bangkok is.

And the answer is always the same: “it depends.”

Yes, it depends. It depends on what kind of parties you like, what kind of music you enjoy, what your budget is…

We can’t give you one answer that will please everyone.

So instead, let’s answer the 2 most common and broader questions:

  • What are the best streets to party in Bangkok?
  • What are the best places to party in Bangkok?

For those 2 questions, it’s easier to give you a clear answer.

The 5 Best Streets to Party in Bangkok

Bangkok’s nightlife is incredible and offers so much diversity. It doesn’t matter what your definition of a good party is, you will find something you like in the city of angels.

But if you’re new here, what street should you visit to start exploring the city’s nightlife?

Sukhumvit Soi 11

Once the center of Bangkok nightlife, the street had a few slow years before it started its renaissance.

Now, Sukhumvit Soi 11 is back on top and home to some of the best clubs (Levels, Sugar, Insanity), cocktail bars (Havana Social, Oskar, Find the Photobooth), and rooftop bars (Above Eleven, Nest) in the city.

One of the best places to eat, drink, and party in Bangkok. And the best area to stay in if you want to explore the city’s incredible nightlife.


Royal City Avenue, which most people know as RCA, is one of the most hectic places in Bangkok when the sun goes down.

During daytime, it’s a regular street. At night, clubs and bars turn parts of the avenue into a huge terrace.

RCA is where a lot of so-called “Hi-So” Thais go out.

The street is full of restaurants, clubs, bars, and even gentlemen clubs, with a lot of action to keep you busy from the time the sun set to 2am (when all the clubs there close).

It’s a good mix of young Thai, expats, and smart travelers who know Bangkok is more than gogo bars and buckets of booze.

Thonglor / Ekamai

Thonglor and Ekamai are the most popular areas in Bangkok, home of executives, millionaires, billionaires, and superstars.

And what do rich people love to do? Party!

Thonglor and Ekamai are full of cocktails bars, bars, clubs, and gentlemen clubs.

The nightlife in Thonglor and Ekamai is mostly tailored to Thais and high net worth customers. But it’s without a doubt an incredible area to party in Bangkok and one you should absolutely checkout.

Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy is for a different kind of party. A type of party that includes half-naked or fully naked girls, sexy and sex shows, and water down tequila shots.

Out of the 3 main red-light districts in Bangkok, the most accessible and “family-friendly” is without a doubt Soi Cowboy.

If you’ve never been to gogo bars or red light areas before, Soi Cowboy is a good place to start.

Khaosan Road

We can’t talk about the best streets to party in Bangkok without mentioning Khaosan road. Even if Bangkokians and travelers familiar with Bangkok rarely go there.

Also known as “backpacker street,” Khaosan has a ton of beer bars and a few nightclubs where young travelers and a few Thais share cheap buckets and beer towers all night.

Khaosan is nothing like what you will find in the rest of the world, or in the rest of Bangkok.

It’s great for budget travelers and backpackers who want to party without breaking the bank. But for anyone looking for a VIP experience or a real taste of Bangkok’s nightlife, that’s not the place to go.

If you want to know what the best places to party in Bangkok are and don’t waste your time or money figuring out what’s what, follow the guide.

Here are the places we recommend.

The Best Places to Party in Bangkok

If you’re still figuring out where to party in Bangkok, here’s one venue in each category you should absolutely visit.

Those are vetted by Party Bangkok’s team and, most importantly, our guests.

The Best Gentlemen Club: The PIMP Bangkok

When you want to have the best money can buy, the PIMP is the place to go.

They have the best girls, the best service, and the best private rooms where you can party until (really) late. The place to go for high-rollers and anyone who wants to have a run for their money.

The Best Nightclub in Bangkok: Onyx

Onyx is taking the word VIP to another level.

It’s not cheap, the crowd is 95% Thai, and it’s wild there.

Arguably, the club with the best music, sound quality, vibe, and the hottest girls in Bangkok.

The Best Gogo Bar in Bangkok: Bacarrat

There’s a ton of gogo bars in Bangkok. A ton of bad ones, and a few good ones.

Baccarat in Soi Cowboy is the best of the best.

It has sexy topless and naked Thai girls, cheap drinks, and it’s safe. You don’t need to worry about getting scammed or dramas there. It’s good fun and naughty girls only.

The Best Cocktail Bar in Bangkok: Havana Social

A Cuban themed bar in Bangkok? Really?!

Yes, and it will blow your mind. Everything is amazing about Havana Social. Their music, their music, the ambiance in the bar… it’s one of the hottest bars in Bangkok and a must-try!

The Best Rooftop Bar in Bangkok: Mahanakhon Bangkok Skybar

This newly opened rooftop bar at the top of Bangkok’s highest building is the perfect place to enjoy a great drink with the most incredible 360 views of Bangkok.

Go to the top of the incredible Mahanakhon tower, take a photo on the skywalk and go grab a drink at Mahanakhon Bangkok Skybar.

Now, if you want to explore one area of Bangkok in particular or know more about a specific type of venue, go have a look at our guide of Bangkok nightlife.

In those guides we break down the city’s nightlife by area and venue.


Is Bangkok a party place?

Go to Sukhumvit Soi 11, RCA or Thonglor and Ekamai and let us know what you think.

Where can I go clubbing in Bangkok?

Sukhumvit Soi 11, RCA and Thonglor / Ekamai are the best streets to go clubbing in Bangkok. And check our list of the best nightclubs in Bangkok.

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