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There’s no shortage of fantastic luxury villas in Pattaya.

And while villas this big and beautiful can cost a lot in other parts of Thailand, they’re quite affordable in Pattaya.

So whenever you’re coming in Pattaya with a group, skip the hotel and take advantage of the incredible deals out there.

Whether you want a luxury villa on the beach to wake up in front of the sea, one outside the city to relax and unwind, or one near Walking Street to explore Pattaya’s incredible nightlife, it’s all possible.

And booking a luxury villa means you get to enjoy all the amenities and services that come with it to make your stay memorable.

A private pool, hot tub, sauna, pool table, gym, bowling alley, or even your own private nightclub.

With so many villas, we can guarantee there’s one that have exactly what you want.

And we’re here to help you find it.

Amazing Terrace with Pool in Pattaya Luxury Villa
Pool Table at Luxury Villa in Pattaya

How To Find The Best Luxury Villa In Pattaya?

Send us a message today with:

And don’t forget to add any special request you might have, such as the location (out of town, close to nightlife, close to the ocean…) or special amenities you want (private pool, ping pong table, barbecue, bar, massage room, etc.).

Our team will get back to you with a list of recommendations available during you stay and help you pick the perfect luxury villa.

Send us a message today to see what villas are available.


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The 5 Best Luxury Villas In Pattaya For Parties

Of all the luxury villas in Pattaya, there is only a handful that are truly party-friendly.

We’re talking about villas where you can party late into the night without the neighbors complaining or the police knocking on your door.

After years of planning private parties in Pattaya, we know the right luxury villas for hosting parties.

interior of the hill luxury pool villa in Pattaya

10 Bedroom Luxury Party Villa In Pattaya

This huge villa, just 15 minutes from Walking Street, is the dream location for a private party.

With 10 bedrooms surrounding big a outdoor space with a swimming pool and hot tub, it’s incredible for private parties.

The villa even has its own pool table, a barbecue, a bowling alley, and even a private nightclub. That’s right, this villa is clearly the ultimate party den.

It’s perfect for large groups who need a place to party before and after a wild night out in Pattaya.

7 Bedroom Luxury Pool Villa In Pattaya

Wake up to a beautiful view of the Gulf of Thailand and walk down the stairs to lay on the beach.

This amazing beachfront villa has 7 bedrooms, a private swimming pool, a gorgeous sea-view rooftop terrace, and an incredible all-white design.

Even better, it is just a few minutes away from Pattaya Ocean Marina. So the location is perfect if you plan to rent a yacht during your stay.

beachfront villa 7th heaven in Pattaya
beachfront pool villa Haven in Pattaya

6 Bedroom Luxury Beachfront Villa In Pattaya

Located in Jomtien, in the south of Pattaya, this villa is a quiet and relaxing 6 bedroom house right over the water.

If you’re looking for a peaceful place to relax after long parties or an intense trip to Bangkok, this luxury beach villa is exactly what you need.

Whether you want a massage at your villa, a personal trainer for a private workout, or sexy girls to keep you company, our team is there to help.

6 Bedroom 5-Star Luxury Beachfront Villa In Pattaya

Here’s another 6 bedrooms beachfront villa in Jomtien, but with a more modern design. Unlike the other villas, this one is surrounded by large walls to ensure total privacy.

Needless to say, it’s an excellent perfect villa for a private pool party with topless bikini models.

It even has its own private gym, massage room, and an incredible terrace from the ensuite master room to appreciate the sunset over the sea.

beachfront pool villa black swan in Pattaya
luxury pool villa in Pattaya

5 Bedroom VIP Pool Villa In Pattaya

This isn’t one luxury villa, but several villas with 2 to 5 bedrooms in the same area.

Each VIP villa has its a private pool, a large living room, and a hot tub on the roof.

They all have a modern design, are only 20 minutes away from Walking Street and most importantly, they’re completely hidden from each others.

It’s the ideal option for large groups who want to stay in different villas next to each other.

And these villas are great venues for any type of private party.

These are just a few examples of the many luxury villas we have for you in Pattaya.

Contact us today and we’ll help you find the perfect luxury villa for your stay in Pattaya.

And we’re also here to help you plan your trip there.

Whether you need transportation, a private chef, or sexy shows, we’ve everything you need to make your stay in Pattaya unforgettable.

Talk to our team today.


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In our experience, the best luxury villa in Pattaya for private parties is the 10-bedroom villa, located just outside the city. It’s huge, modern, and has everything you need for a wild time in Pattaya, including a private pool, bowling alley, and even its own nightclub.

Pattaya is a very popular vacation destination for foreigners, as well as locals. So plan your trip well in advance. If possible, book your villa a few months in advance to get the best deals. Contact us today to see the options available.

Looking for something more budget-friendly?

Don’t foret to also checkout the pool villas we recommend in Pattaya.

And once you’ve booked your accommodation, don’t forget to contact us to plan the rest of your trip to Pattaya.

Message us today and someone from our team will help you put together an itinerary.

Or check out our Pattaya page for more information and recommendations.

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