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Hire A Bodyguard In Bangkok

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Thailand is one of the safest destinations you can visit.

In over 10 years of organizing parties and trips in Thailand, security has never been an issue for our guests.

But we understand VIP guests, high net worth individuals, and public figures need to have personal security to protect them during their stay in Bangkok and Thailand.

That’s why we work closely with the best security service in Thailand to arrange bodyguards and personal security for their protection.

Whether you want a bodyguard for a meeting or a night out in Bangkok or a private security team to follow you during your whole trip in Thailand, we have what you need.

personal protection service in Bangkok
Close Protection Security Guard

The Best Close Protection In Thailand

The security agency we work with has experience working with important business executives, high-profile celebrities, and high net worth individuals.

They offer both Thai and foreign bodyguards for a duration ranging from a few hours to a few months.

All their staff are ex-military or police and are trained according to international protection tactics. They also work closely with local authorities to ensure your protection at all times in accordance with Thai laws.

If need be, they can also arrange police escorts and armed security.

Do you need one bodyguard to protect yourself or your valuables? Or a few bodyguards to keep your family and friends safe? 

Send us a message today, and we’ll look at the best options to guarantee your security.

Private Security Options

  • Bodyguard(s)
  • Personal security team
  • Police escort

How To Book?

Include your dates and your itinerary.

Our team checks the bodyguards available for you.

Book a bodyguard.

Private Bodyguard Services

Why Book A Bodyguard With Party Bangkok?

ver the last decade, we’ve organized many private parties and trips for important guests, and their safety has always been our number one priority.

To guarantee our client’s security, we carefully select the staff and the partners we work with.

By partnering with the best bodyguard agency in Bangkok, we can offer you the best personal security in the Kingdom.

This way, you can focus on your party and your trip and let us handle the security.


The price of a personal bodyguard in Bangkok starts from ฿7,000 for 8 hours. Contact us for the complete list of rates.

You need more than a bodyguard for your private party or stay in Bangkok?

You’re in the right place.

Party Bangkok helps your plan your party and stay in Bangkok.

Accommodation, transportation, activities, bookings… we take care of everything for you.

Leave the logistics and security to us, and have fun in Bangkok.

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