Go Axe Throwing in Bangkok

axe throwing in Bangkok

What could possibly go wrong when you mix axes and beer?

It turns out, not much. And not only axe throwing is not dangerous, it’s also a lot of fun.

And now, our Canadian friends brought this great activity to Bangkok.

Is Axe Throwing for Me?

  • Great for: bachelor party, birthday party, team building
  • Recommended group size: 2+
  • Price/person: from ฿500
  • Duration: 1+ hour

What you Need to Know About Axe Throwing

It might sound scary at first, but axe throwing completely safe and a great activity to mix things up.

In over 3 years operating in Bangkok, Golden Axe Throw Club owner swears nobody ever got hurt there.

To be honest, we’re not gonna argue with a lumberjack who has a massive axe in his hands, so we believe him.

And after all, what could possibly go wrong when you mix beer with sharp axes and knives?

The answer? You have a great time with your friends. That’s all.

It’s a great activity to get you fired up before a night out or to wake up when you’re hangover.

And it’s pretty easy to get the hang of it. When you go there for the first, they give a short safety brief, you get to practice, and then you can do a tournament with your friend.

And if you ask us, the loser pays the next round of drinks.

Now, if you are feeling adventurous, they have more than axes. You can throw large axes, knives, machetes, ninja stars, and a few other sharp things.

Axe Throwing is 100% something you must-try whenever you’re in Bangkok.

Book your Axe Throwing Session Today

  1. Send us a message with the date, time, and the number of people.
  2. Check the options we send you.
  3. Pick the package you prefer and confirm your booking.

That’s it. It’s that easy.

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Where is the Golden Axe Throw Club in Bangkok?

Golden Axe Throw Club is at W District, a few minutes from Phrakanong BTS station.

How much does axe throwing cost in Bangkok?

Axe throwing is ฿500 per hour in Bangkok. You can get a discount if you come with a large group.

Can you drink alcohol while axe throwing?

Yes! They serve beer and other drinks like whisky or rye.

Is axe throwing dangerous?

Not at all. Axe throwing is safe, and the team there will explain everything you need to know to guarantee your safety when your first start.

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