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Emerald Club Thonglor 13

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Emerald is the newest and biggest gentlemen club in Bangkok.

With 5 floors, over 40 VIP rooms, and hundreds of girls every night, Emerald Business Lounge is one of the best clubs in the city for a luxury party.

What you Need to Know

Mainly catering to businessmen, wealthy expats, and local hi-so, Emerald Club is by far the most impressive gentlemen club in Thonglor.

First, Emerald is home to hundreds of the most beautiful Thai girls you’ve ever seen. Not only in Bangkok, but in the whole of Thailand.

And whether they’re wearing gorgeous dresses at the entrance and the club zone, or fewer clothes in the private rooms, their sexy hostesses are always down for a crazy party.

Get ready for a memorable night.

The club features a large club room with live performers and Thai bands every night.

Emerald also organizes special events with famous local and international celebrities such as the singer Oat Pramote, the group Da Endorphine, international DJs like Mark Cervello or Juicy M, and many more.

Emerald business lounge in Thonglor soi 13 in Bangkok

Emerald Club even has shows performed by the models every night, on themes like cabaret, space, or even Spiderman.

Let’s say you’ll never get bored there. From what is going on on stage to the pretty girls next to you, you’ll always have your hands full.

But in gentlemen clubs, things get interesting in the VIP rooms.

For that, Emerald has over 40 private rooms, all equipped with a high-end karaoke system, a TV connected to internet, and large sofas to chill with the girls.

They even have VIP rooms big enough to fit over 100 people.

VIP karaoke room at Emerald Club Thonglor13

So whether you’re looking for a place to party on a week night with a few friends, or you want to celebrate in style with all your business partners, Emerald lounge has a private room to suit your needs.

Prices and Bookings

The cost of a party at Emerald is quite reasonable for this type of venue.

The price of membership starts from ฿20,000 for 1 year and includes up to 8 bottles of liquor. You can find premium bottles as low ฿4,000 and VIP rooms from only ฿2,500.

As for the girls, the price starts at ฿2,500 for the first 40 minutes, then ฿420 for every 30 minutes.

Members get an additional 10% off the bill.

For more information about the club and bookings, you can contact our team right now.

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About Emerald Club Bangkok

  • Membership price: Start from ฿20,000 for 1 year
  • Bottle price: Start from ฿5,000 (non-member)
  • VIP room: Start from ฿2,500
  • Girls: Start from ฿2,500 + ฿420 every 30 minutes (non-member)
  • Opening hours: Every day from 8.30pm til 2.30am


How much is a membership at Emerald Thonglor 13?

The price of memberships at Emerald Thonglor 13 starts at ฿20,000 for 1 year. This includes a number of bottles that varies according to the liquor you choose.

How much is a bottle at Emerald Thonglor 13?

The price of bottles at Emerald Thonglor 13 starts at ฿4,000 for members, and ฿5,000 for non-members. But they also have premium Champagne, whisky, and cognac that can go for well over ฿20,000 a bottle.

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