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9 Best Places To Party With Sexy Girls in Thailand

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Thailand has some of the most beautiful, sexy, and fun-loving women in the entire world.

But there is something extra appealing about a hot girl who loves to party as well.

Combine Thailand’s amazing nightlife opportunities with its beautiful women and you have yourself a crazy wild ride filled with epic nights, incredible experiences and a lifetime of memories.

So, you might be wondering where the best places are to meet such girls.

And while the short answer is, almost everywhere, we have made it easier for you by listing down 7 unique places to party with the sexiest girls in Thailand.


sexy Thai girls at Levels Club Bangkok

The nightclub scene in Thailand has always attracted some of the best looking girls.

There are so many kinds of nightclubs, each with its own style and vibe, which means you can find all types of girls that hang out there.

It’s just all about knowing where to go to meet the right ones.

Some clubs attract young and sexy college girls while other places are frequented by the Hi-So type of girls (the nickname for Thai girls from rich families) who love to sip Champagne all night.

There are also nightclubs that are full of freelancers and sideliners.

And most of them fall somewhere in the middle.

To meet girls who love tourists and expats, head to the clubs in the most touristic areas.

Like Khaosan Road and Sukhumvit Soi 11 in Bangkok, Walking Street in Pattaya, or Bangla road (in Patong beach) in Phuket.

Bangkok hot babes at Sing Sing Theater

But if you really want to be around local girls, you should visit more Thai nightclubs that are usually off the most well known areas.

In Bangkok, you can try Onyx, BEAM, or Spaceplus.

They’re all featured in our list of the top nightclubs in Bangkok.

But no matter what type of nightclub you choose to spend the night at, you will always find plenty of gorgeous girls there to party with.

Gentlemen’s Clubs

KTV hostesses bunnies at The PIMP Bangkok ktv club

Gentlemen’s clubs are the hidden gems of Thailand’s adult nightlife scene.

G clubs are basically high-end luxurious clubs with a great set of entertainment, dining, and drinking options.

They have elegant interior design, great live bands and DJs playing all night, erotic performances, VIP services and extremely comfortable private rooms where you can invite party models for a private party.

While there are a few in Pattaya or Phuket, the best ones are in Bangkok with famous venues being The PIMP or Dubai Luxury Club.

show girls at The PIMP NYE party in 2023 in Bangkok

They are an ideal place to go for a bachelor party, a birthday, or to impress a business client.

You want to party with girls with no strings attached and choose the best of the best from hundreds of sexy Thai models who would be almost impossible to approach anywhere else?

Then gentlemen clubs should definitely be on the top of your list of places to party in Thailand.

Gogo Bars

Thai gogo bar girls at Butterflies Bangkok A Go Go

Traditionally, gogo bars have always been the easy go-to place to meet, watch and get laid with sexy Thai girls.

At gogo bars, there are dozens of girls who can be seen walking around and dancing on stage in extremely revealing clothes.

Usually they are in bikinis, lingerie or other sexy cosplay-like outfits.

Sometimes the girls are even topless or completely naked.

It completely depends on the gogo bar or the girls.

As you sit, drink and watch the girls dancing, you can choose to invite one or several of them to your table.

Once you buy them a drink, they will do their best to entertain you.

Some will just flirt with you while others feel more comfortable to sit on your lap, touch your arms or if you are lucky, even make out with you.

two gogo bar dancers from Dollhouse Bangkok grabbing each others ass

Yes, right in front of everyone if you both aren’t shy about it.

If you want to take it to the next level and decide to take the girl home, you have to pay a bar fine plus the cost of the girl, which varies from girl to girl.

Make sure you agree on the price beforehand.

Rooftop Bars

rooftop party at Octave lounge and bar in Bangkok

Rooftop bars have become extremely popular in Thailand. 

While they are an ideal place for a date or a night out with friends, rooftop bars are also great for meeting beautiful and elegant girls.

There is something about the rooftop that attracts some of the best looking girls in town.

The romantic setting, being high up above the city with gorgeous views, delicious cocktails, sophisticated ambiance and vibey music, and of course, the mandatory Instagram photos.

But what kind of girls can you expect to meet at rooftop bars? 

All kinds, actually.

Thai girls drinking cocktails at a rooftop bar in Bangkok

You will come across beautiful Thai women who work in offices or own businesses.

Rooftop bars are also known to attract lots of sexy influencers and models as well as cute university students.

And of course international tourists as well.

With more than 50 rooftop bars in Bangkok, it should be pretty easy to find one that you like.

And they’re also popular in other cities of Thailand like Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Phuket, and many more.

Cocktail Bars

cute Thai girls holding glasses at Above Eleven rooftop bar in Bangkok

Chic and elegant cocktail bars are perfect places to meet gorgeous Thai girls.

Many ladies frequently like to visit bars in sexy mini dresses.

But what kind of girls can you expect to meet at cocktail bars?

All kinds, actually.

Mostly you will get to meet normal but attractive girls who have regular jobs as well as fun university students.

Some bars have freelancers who wait by the bar for potential dates or clients, but that’s rarely the case at cocktail bars.

But at any bar you will meet different types of girls.

Thai girl laughing at Tropic City cocktail bar in Bangkok

Some are wild partygoers while others like to wine and dine with meaningful conversations.

Not all girls are easy to approach at a bar but if you have the moves and the vibes are right, it gets quite effortless.

It also depends on the type of bar you go to.Some cocktail bars, like these ones in Bangkok, are known to throw great parties where it can be far easier to approach a Thai girl than at a chilled, sit-down bar.

Beach Clubs

Thai playboy models at a beach club in Pattaya

Beach clubs and hot girls have become kind of synonymous now in Thailand.

There is absolutely no way that you won’t see at least a dozen gorgeous Thai girls and even foreign women dancing and partying at some of the best beach clubs in the country.

Whether it is in cities like Pattaya and Phuket or islands such as Koh Samui and Koh Chang, beach clubs are a great place to meet, flirt, dance and party with wildly attractive girls in sexy bikinis.

Some of them are there to have a great time with their girlfriends but most come to meet new people and are open to new experiences.

You can swim up to them in the pool or approach at the bar but make sure you pump up that charm in order to pick up the girls.

super hot Thai girl at Westin pool party in Bangkok

You can always pop open up a few bottles with your friends and invite the hottest girls at the beach club to join you at your table.

No matter what, beach clubs in Thailand have a wonderful party vibe where you’re gonna meet a lot of beautiful bikini girls.

Yacht Parties

hot Thai bikini models in the jacuzzi of the Ocean Emerald yacht in Thailand

There are two types of yacht parties in Thailand.

There are the regularly scheduled party boats where you will get to party with random strangers as well as your friends as you sail across the open ocean.

You can surely meet sexy girls at these boat parties.

Most of them are usually very good looking with great bodies and love to have a good time.

Then there are the private yacht parties which are rented or hosted by you and your friends for a special occasion.

For these, the guest list is completely up to you, meaning there can be as many sexy girls as you like.

The quality of girls also depends on you.

You can invite your sexy girlfriends or even better, hire stunningly hot bikini models to party with you.

Bikini party models aren’t just hot and sexy with fantastic bodies.

yacht party in Thailand

They also know how to entertain and have fun with the guests.

They will be there to serve drinks, give lap dances, play drinking games, take sexy photos with you, and more.

Music Festivals

cute Thai girls partying at Together festival in Bangkok in 2019

Thailand’s music festivals are off the hook with their awesome light and sound production, music lineups and vibes.

It is no wonder why they attract some of the hottest and sexiest girls.

Thai girls at music festivals definitely like to rave, dance, drink, and most importantly, they love to dress extra sexy.

More than usual.

The best part is that the girls you’ll meet at music festivals come from all walks of life.

Some work in corporate jobs while others have their own business.

Most are young and attractive university students.

At festivals, you also get to see a lot of ridiculously sexy female influencers showing off their flawless looks and sexy outfits.

hot Thai girls at Waterzonic festival in Bangkok in 2022

The best and most insane music festivals are held during Songkran, Thailand’s New Year and water festival where thousands of girls and models come in seductive bikini tops and short shorts.

And boy are they ready to get down, party and get wet.

The Full Moon Party

group of tourists partying at the full moon festival in Thailand

If you are looking for real wild party girls, there is no better place than the Full Moon Party.

Held every month in Koh Phangan, the Full Moon is still going strong till today since it started in the mid-1980s.

Every single person, especially the girls, are there to unleash their inner demons by having a good time, drinking loads of buckets, and dancing into the late hours.

With hundreds or even thousands of girls, there are bound to be a few who catch your eye and might be interested in you as well.

And it’s not just Thai girls.

There are women from all over the world, each one more attractive than the previous one.

The Full Moon is the one time when girls just want to forget everything and just have fun.

young girl drinking from a bucket at the full moon party in Thailand

All you have to do is also have a good time, mingle, make conversations and who knows, you might get lucky.

It is probably one of the most famous parties in Thailand, and one that must be on your bucket list.

By now you must be feeling confident about meeting and partying with girls in Thailand with so many choices available.

If one doesn’t work out the next one or the one after that surely will.

Still unsure

Contact us to book the hottest girls for your party in Thailand with minimal effort on your part.


Where Can I Hire Girls in Thailand?

To hire the hottest and best girls in Thailand, contact us. We have the best network of beautiful and sexy women from all over the country.

Where Are The Hottest Girls in Thailand?

The hottest girls in Thailand are at The PIMP Bangkok. Check these photos of the best hot Thai girls from their club.

Is It Easy To Meet Girls in Thailand? 

Yes, it is super easy to meet girls in Thailand. Especially if you go to the right place.

Where Can I Meet Good Girls in Thailand?

You can meet good girls in Thailand anywhere and everywhere.

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